How to Make GIFs From Videos

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Intro: How to Make GIFs From Videos

GIFs are animated pictures that can be made from photos or short videos. If you’re looking for a way to convert videos to GIF – this instructable is what you need. Here you will learn that Movavi Video Converter can be used as a GIF creator.

Step 1: Installing

Download and install the software: Just follow the instructions of the installer and you’ll be fine.

Step 2: Uploading the Files

Add files to the program. Click Add media and then choose Add Video. It can be any number of videos depending on your wish.

Step 3: Editing

Click the Edit button. A built-in editor will open where you can select the fragment for conversion.

  • Click the Trimming tab. Mark the beginning and the end of the fragment for the future GIF.
  • Select the parts that you don’t need and delete them with the help of the Trash icon.
  • Apply the changes.

Step 4:

Choose GIF as the output format from the Images tab. Specify its size. Click the cogwheel button if you want to change the frame rate, resize method, frame size, and quality.

Step 5:

Select the destination folder manually or choose to save converted files next to the originals. Hit Convert and you’ll get your GIF files ready in no time.



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