How to Make Gaming Videos

Introduction: How to Make Gaming Videos

Have you ever wanted to know how to make some good gaming videos? If so you are in the perfect place. In the next few steps you will learn some techniques to make your content even better.

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Step 1: Watch the Video

It will give you some more visual examples, plus it is always better hearing it than just reading it.

Step 2: Have Some Decent Hardware and Software

It all depends on what videos you want to make. Commentaries, let`s plays, funny moments, etc...

For recording consoles you will need a capture card such as:

-ElGato GameCapture

-Roxio Gamecap HD Pro


For PC you will need some recording programs (Software):

-Fraps (Only Windows)

-Quick Time Player (+ Extensions for audio recording)

-Screenflow (Mac paid)

If you want audio you need a good microphone:

-Blue Yeti

-Blue Snowball (Best Quality-Prize relation)

-Audio-Technica AT2020

And if you want to add a facecam:

-Any sort of Logitech webcam will do (Thanks to the small size of the actual facecam)

You will need some editing software:

-iMovie (Mac free)

-Final Cut Pro (Mac paid)

-Adobe Premiere/After Effects (Paid)

-Lightworks (Free!)

Step 3: Get to Know Your Game

Try researching some forums, pages and wikis so that you know how the game works. By doing this not only will your gameplay be more fluid but you may also have a hidden trick or two.

Even though a lot of people skip this step I feel like you should do it, there is nothing more frustrating than watching someone who doesn't really know what to do. You will also be perceived as a more advanced player by the community.

Step 4: Plan YOUR Video!

Now that you know how the game works you should use all the knowledge you gathered to make a little video plan yourself. Write down all the things you want to acomplish plus how you want to do them (jump cuts, timelapses, etc...)

During this step you want to make sure that all the in-game preparations are already done so that your video goes smoothly. With this I mean checking that you have all the things/unlockables you need and any other sort of thing that you have to grind for.

This is another step a lot of people skip, this causes the audience to lose interest in the video.

Step 5: Record Your Video!

This is actually the easiest part and there is a common misconception that you have to do this perfectly, this is not true since all the mistakes you make can be edited out from the video. Just relax and have fun with it.

If you are trying to make a funny moments video you can record tons of footage and then pic the best for the actual video.

Step 6: Edit Your Video

By far the hardest and longest part of the video but also the most important one. Here is when you cut all the useless stuff out, get your funny filters in and do any other sort of stuff that you thought for your video.

Some good examples for things you can do in this step are:


-Background music


-Wacky Effects

-And a lot more!

Step 7: Upload the Finished Product

Once the video is ready upload it to youtube. This process can take a while, that's why meanwhile that is happening you can do certain things.

Mess around with the title and the tags of your video. This can be very helpful since this is the way people find your videos and your channel.

Make a thumbnail. This is the cover of your video so it gives you a whole lot more chances of people clicking your videos. You can do this in a free editing program called Gimp

Step 8: Watch an Example

If you watched the first video, (which you should do) this video can certainly make you understand the concepts a lot better. So have fun creating!

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