How to Make Garlic and Chilli Infused Honey

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This is easy to do and gives you a beautifully flavored honey that’s perfect for basing chicken or pouring over some golden crunchy fried chicken.

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Step 1: To Start You’ll Need a Jar With a Lid That Is Air Tight.

Crush three to four garlic cloves with the edge of your knife.

Place in the jar.

Next take three chillies, I like to use birdeyes.

Remove the stem before slicing down one side.

This will help the chili release its flavour into the honey.

Step 2: Fill the Jar With Honey.

Make sure to leave a gap because the garlic will release a small amount of gas.

This honey is from my dad’s beehives; you can check out our other series The Bush Bee Man.

Keep in the cupboard for a least two weeks but it’s best if left for a month.

Step 3: There You Have It! Garlic and Chilli Infused Honey.

After a month you’ll notice the honey has become runny and has taken on the flavor of the garlic and chilli.

This infused honey is perfect for basing chicken or pouring over some golden crunchy fried chicken.

Step 4: If You Head Over to the Bush Bee Man Channel, You Have to Watch My Old Man Make Chicken Wings Using It.



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