How to Make Gas Igniter - Best Recycle Idea



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Intro: How to Make Gas Igniter - Best Recycle Idea

Hello readers in this Instructable i've made a Lighter to ignite LPG Stove...and the best part here is this thing is made from recycled materials and u can make one within 10mins..continue reading

Step 1: Amazing Video Tuorial - Https://

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Step 2: Materials

  • Syringe 5ml
  • Used Cigar lighter
  • Hot Glue gun
  • Scissors

Cut the tip of syringe using scissor and then enlarge the tip using scissor,Remove the igniter from cigar lighter and couple it to the syringe using hot glue

Step 3: Finishing Up

Remove the rubber material from inside of the syringe,now insert this pusher inside syringe.Lighter is ready to ignite some flames!!

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