How to Make Gerry's Beef Cheese Ball Recipe

Introduction: How to Make Gerry's Beef Cheese Ball Recipe

If you are debating on what to make for a party, look no further. This delicious cheese ball appetizer is quick, easy, and contains only three ingredients. This recipe serves fifteen people, takes less than fifteen minutes to make, and can be made a day in advance.

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Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients and Tools

For this recipe you will need:


· 1 box of Ritz crackers (or your favorite crackers)

· 2 packages of 8 oz Philadelphia cream cheese

· 2 stalks of scallions

· 2 packages of 2 oz Carl Buddig Beef


· 1 round dinner plate

· 1 butter knife

· Pair of latex gloves

· Kitchen scissors

· 1 large mixing bowl

Step 2: Wash Your Hands and the Scallions; Use Paper Towels to Gently Pat Scallions Dry

Step 3: Put on Your Latex Gloves

Step 4: Unwrap Both Cream Cheese Boxes and Put Them in the Bowl

Step 5: Cut ¼ Inch Off Both Ends of the Scallions and Discard the Trimmings

Step 6: Trim Both Stalks of Scallions in ¼ Inch Pieces Into Bowl

Step 7: Open Both Packages of Carl Buddig Beef

Step 8: Place Both of the Beef Slices on Top of Each Other and Bunch Them Together

Step 9: Cut All Beef Into ¼ to ½ Inch Sections Into Bowl

Step 10: Take Your Hands and Mix All Ingredients for About 2 Minutes or Until Evenly Incorporated

Step 11: Form Mixture Into a Ball

Step 12: Place Cheese Ball on Plate With the Butter Knife

Step 13: Open the Sleeve of Crackers and Place on Plate

Step 14: Take a Scoop of Cheese Ball With Knife and Spread It on a Cracker and Enjoy!

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