How to Make Giant Surprise Eggs With Surprise Toys Inside DIY Homemade Easter Egg Pinata Craft

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How To Make Homemade Giant Surprise Eggs with Surprise Toys Inside with FamilyToyReview. This is our DIY Huge Easter Egg Surprise Pinata Craft Do It Yourself video. This is for parents who want to make a giant egg surprise for their children. Kids have been huge fans of kinder eggs, suprise eggs, surprise toys, and now big egg surprise videos. Now you can make one too using paper mache. This activity is great to do with your kids. You can do it for any occasion or prepare one for a birthday or as a summer activity.


- Purchase a Giant Balloon online or at a party store size 3 Feet or bigger.
- Boil 1 part flour with 4 parts water for the adhesive. You can substitute with massive amounts of glue but glue costs more.
- Prepare stacks of torn newspapers for covering.
- Dip newspaper into adhesive mixture, drain excess, and apply wet newspaper to balloon. Cover balloon completely.
- Dry your balloon.
- Repeat process so balloon has been covered with newspaper at least three times or more.
- Paint balloon.
- Cut a large cross on one side of the balloon to use as a hole or entry for toys.
- Fill up with toys and have fun with your kids!

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