How to Make Gluten Free Pizza; Cheap Enough for the Whole Family

Introduction: How to Make Gluten Free Pizza; Cheap Enough for the Whole Family

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We are a gluten free family and we think this is the best gluten-free pizza recipe because it is simple and inexpensive. Make cheap gluten free pizza for the whole family - the easy way. The crust is thick and chewy like our kids love (ok - we do too)! No more of that dry cardboard stuff. Family pizza night is back!

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Step 1:

Put in a mixing bowl, 6 cups of rice flour, 1 cup of cornstarch and half a cup of instant potato flakes.

Step 2:

Then add 2 tablespoons garlic powder, 3 teaspoons salt, 2 tablespoons sugar and 6 teaspoons guar gum which you can buy online or at a health food store, but you HAVE TO have it. If you leave it out, your bread will smell great but it will just crumble out of the pan.

Step 3:

Now it's time to add 2 cups of WARM yeast water. Mix the yeast water BEFORE measuring the dry ingredients so it has time to get really foamy.

Step 4:

To keep everything nice and warm, add 2 more cups of very water and 1/2 C. canola oil. When you stir it all together, it will get PRETTY THICK and CLUMPY. Then 2 cups of VERY WARM water... and lots of stirring

Step 5:

You'll end up with dough that's more like a thick, ooey, gooey batter... perfect for our gluten free pizza crust.

Grease the pans well and set the oven for only 200 degrees.

Step 6:

Put half the dough on one pan and half on the other. Spread the dough with the back of the stirring spoon onto the oiled pans but then you'll need to switch to using a fork. Mom says the fork makes it POSSIBLE to spread the ooey, gooey dough without it sticking so much. I like the pattern that the fork makes on the dough, but the lines disappear as the dough rises.

Step 7:

Put the pans in the 200-degree oven for 20 minutes. Then increase temperature to 425 degrees and keep them baking until the top of the crust starts to crack a bit.

Step 8:

Now you can add the sauce and all your toppings. My favorite is pepperoni... with lots of cheese, of course! Just bake it a few more minutes until the cheese melts.

You won't believe how delicious (and easy) gluten free pizza can be!

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