How to Make Golf Course Diorama

This time I tried to make Golf Course Diorama.Golf is my favorite game and many people love to play it. I made it in my summer break .Its also very for kids .If you like the video press thumbs up button and subscribe my channel.


glass pyramid, artificial grass, piece of wood, dry branches,Thermocol balls.

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Step 1: Ball and Stick Making

For the golf ball I used thermocol balls.Marks on ball with the help of pin. check on video.For the making of stick I used a piece of wood .Rub this piece on sand paper to shape the stick.For further details check my video .

Step 2: Assembling

For tree making use dry mini pieces of tree. Cover the piece with poly fiber.Cover this poly fiber with dry moss.A perfect tree is ready.Its time to assemble all the things . I used artificial grass for the bass . Stick 2 trees ,ball and stick. Mini golf course is ready for decoration .I made it in my summer break .Its very easy for kid too.

Step 3: And the End.....

Finished look of my project ,Few beautiful and attractive pics are here .

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