How to Make "Green" Swifter Duster Covers

Introduction: How to Make "Green" Swifter Duster Covers

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Personally, I’m not crazy about stuff, that’s used once, for cleaning, then, it’s thrown away.  To me it is an extra expense, that isn’t necessary.  I have had this Swifter handle for years, unused because I refuse to buy more disposable covers.  Then I came across a picture on pintrest, of a reusable cover someone has created to sale.  If you don’t want to make your own, go here to buy some from an Etsy shop.  They would love your business.  Anyway, I have a hard time buying something I can make myself, so here is my attempt to show you “How to Make “Green” Swifter Duster Covers”.

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Step 1:

Anti pill fleece (your choice of color, I will use the blue I already have)
Paper scissors
Sewing scissors
Sewing machine

Step 2:

Here is a picture of the pattern I created with the detentions I used.  I still haven’t quite earned the computer skills to make some things easy, although those skills are slowly, but surely coming.  Use your paper and pencil to recreate the pattern.  Use the paper scissors to cut out the pattern.

Step 3:

Trace the outer most line of your pattern on your fleece with a marker.

Step 4:

Draw a straight line down the middle and then,

Step 5:

create the box which will be the place that the handle legs will reside. 

Step 6:

Put 4 layers of fleece on top of each other and

Step 7:

cut them all out (at the same time) with the sewing scissors.

Step 8:

Go to the sewing machine and sew down the middle of the 4 layers.  Then sew around 3 of the four sides of the box, the two long sides and the short side at the rounded top end.  Trim away all your thread ends.  Make it neat.

Step 9:

Cut off the bottom of the top layer.  See if the legs of the handle will fit it the places made for them.  They fit!!! Hurray!!  If they don’t fit, sew new box lines, 1/8 – ¼ inch away from the ones you sewed first.  Remove the thread from the first box, and try again!  Very good.

Step 10:

Next you will cut flaps from the outer edge of the fleece up to the sewing line.  Don’t cut through the sewing line.  Cut these flaps about 1 inch apart.  They will provide lots of surfaces upon which to capture dust.  Wow!  I think this will work.  Shall we try it? 

Step 11:

It worked.  We know fleece washes, so it is a “green” duster that can be used and then washed, time after time.  Don’t use fabric softener, in the wash, we want the static electricity to help attract the dust to the duster. Enjoy.

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7 years ago on Introduction

ok... so i had my mother in law teach me how to sew because of your instructable. thank you. i am not that great at it but i made these dusters and i love them. thanks again for sharing.


7 years ago on Introduction

wow that's awesome.i wish i could sew....i would "sew" do

i have been checking out your instructables, you are very creative. you have alot of useful info.thank you for sharing.