How to Make Green Tea at Office

Introduction: How to Make Green Tea at Office

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Green tea!

So what is it? There are a lot of theories behind Green tea which all of us know by now. But, for me it was a easy way to lose weight. Believe or not! I lost close to 22 Kg only with Green tea and a little of diet control (basically very less physical effort) The above content can lead to a lot of discussion which is not the intention of this instructable, so lets assume, agreeing to the above points of Green tea for a good or bad reason, how to make it while in office with the things that are around our workplace.

Step 1: Gathering Materials Needed

Before we start!

To make a point very clear, this is not for Green tea bags. Tea bags are easy to handle and no need for an instructable like this :). This is for Green tea dust/leaves which can be bought in terms of loose packs. So why did I prefer tea dust/leaves for tea bags? There are quite a few reasons for the same

a) Tea bags are costly compared to leaves

b) Tea bags cannot be re-used or even if it can be, it needs a place to store till it is used next time and makes up the place(workplace) a little messy

c) With this method you can control the mix of your green tea whereas, in bags you dip half and throw the remaining when you dont need your green tea to be strong enough. This is again wasting the resource without being utilized completely.

Lets gather the materials needed!

1. Coffee/Tea Mug (1 will do but I have 2), this is something which everybody has in office.

2. Coffee/Tea Strainer ( Less than Rs.10) Make sure the diameter of the strainer is as big as your mug or bigger.

3. A good water bottle/can to hold hot water

4. A sharp knife/blade to prepare your strainer(one time job)

5. Green tea leaves ofcourse!

6. Notepad- physical not from the windows OS :) (we should have one at workplace)

7. A Wallet from your pocket

Step 2: Prepare the Strainer and Start Brewing!

Prepare the strainer by just cutting off the handle (using a knife or blade) like in the pictures. Leave some portion of the handle to the sides of the filter as it needs to support itself to the cup edges. This is the only technical step needed for the whole process :)

The actual preparation!

This takes about 20 mins and no effort as such is required. Just follow the steps.

1. Get the required amount of hot water from your office water dispensers

2. Pour them to your Mug(s) a little below the rim of the mug where the water is just above the mesh of the strainer(as seen in the picture). Avoid pouring too much water which could mess up your workplace.

3. Add the amount of green tea leaves as required for the concentration thats needed. Usually a spoonful will do.

4. Close it with a notepad and place your wallet on top of this setup(as in the picture) and leave it aside for 20-30 minutes

5. Thats it!

Step 3: Done!

Now, just remove the strainer and your hot/warm green tea is ready!

The strainer has all the dust left out, only the content of the leaves has gone to the hot water, no messing the workplace, strainer cane be cleaned with very less effort and finally the mug is left with no stains of having the green tea leaves left behind inside.

Hope this was useful, this is the way I have been doing at office and maintaining the habit of drinking green tea without any excuses even at office!

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    Nice and simple!