How to Make Homemade Cookies With Drawing Robot




Homemade cookie is one of the best choices when preparing for a party or big dinner with friends or families. Creative cookies based on customized shapes impress people much more. However, even though you have the high quality pancake machine, you can't bake the cookies as per different demands. Today, i would like to share the way to make homemade cookies to meet all visitors' needs with mDrawbot step by step.

Step 1: Prep Ingredients


Low-gluten flour



Bowl (or any other containers)

Mixer (or chopsticks)


Step 2: Hardware and Tools

mDrawbot (mScara Configuration with laser engraver setting)

Pancake machine


Peristaltic pump

Plate 3*6

Nuts M4

Screw M4*14

Screw M4*8

DC Motor Connector

Silicon Air Tube

Screwdriver with Hex and Cross Heads



Step 3: Software

Step 4: 1. Mix All Prep Ingredients in a Container With Mixer

Based on different favors, you can add something like salt,

butter, honey, almond powder and more to your cookie. Mix it with suitable water.

Step 5: 2. Set Up Your MScara on the Table First

Step 6: 3. Lengthen Tube of Peristaltic Pump and Connect With DC Motor Connector

Step 7: 4. Mount Peristaltic Pump to the Top of MScara With Screw M4*8 and Nuts

Step 8: 5. Fasten the Tube With a Plate 3*6, Screw M4*4 and Nuts

Step 9: 6. Connect MScara to PC

Step 10: 7. Download and Install MDraw, Double Click to Start It and Click Connect

Step 11: 8. Adjust the Arm B Length After Measured the Length From Point a to B With Ruler

Step 12: 9. Power on (red Lights On) MScara

Step 13: 10. Pick Up Laser Status on MDraw, Enable Laser Mode

Step 14: 11. Drag the Power Percentage to Test Peristaltic Pump

You will feel the high speedy rotation directly with buzz sound

Step 15: 12. Test With Some Water Before Use Mixed Cookie Ingredients

Make sure the water flow without any bubbles

Before try the cookie ingredients, you need to clean all waters in tube first. (Just lift the source tube head, it will flush all water to tube end automatically as long as the Peristaltic pump running)

Step 16: 13. Drag the Power Percentage to 0 to Stop Peristaltic Pump and Click the Home Button to Default Position

Step 17: 14. Try With Some Simple and Small SVG File

You can open the default library and choose test file

Adjust the width and height of SVG image to make it easier to control

Step 18: 15. Let’s Start From a Square Cookie

This square cookie looks bad because of too many blanks

Step 19: 16. Adjust Power, Speed and Flour Thickness to Get Perfect Homemade Cookies

Failed cookies may happen if your power percentage is too

high, which results in vibration.

It also can be caused by high speed, which leaves few time for mixed fluid ingredients to merge with other parts when there is any blank line.

If the flour is too thin, the cookies’ shape may be deformed, try to add more flour if the shape looks different much from the SVG file on mDraw

P.S. don’t forget to click the home button to default position when you adjust any parameters

Step 20: 17. Make Personal Cookies by Creating a Special SVG File With Inkscape

Download and install Inkscape, double click to launch

Use the left tool bar to create any cookies you like – different words, different shapes

Go View – Display Mode - Outline

Save as normal SVG file

Then upload it to mDraw to make cookies following the outline

Step 21: 18. What If You Want to Make a Solid Cookie?

Press Ctrl+D+9 keyboards at the same time to make it solid

Because all lines are drawn by liquid flour ingredient mixer, it allows some space between lines, you can delete some lines.

Step 22: 19. Adjust Power, Speed and Flour Thickness Again to Get Perfect Homemade Cookies

Step 23: Conclusion

All in all, actually with mScara, you can try more colors with different ingredients like green vegetables, carrots or try more shapes like animals, even smile faces and more! Party is on, what are you waiting for?

Step 24:

Step 25:



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