How to Make Hummingbird Earrings Using Wire

About: I am housewife and I have a lovely daughter. I love to spend my time with making crafts. I am Hobbyist.I love hummingbirds.

I love hummingbird so much. I love this creature.So I decided to make earring using wire. After a little practice, it's easy to make.First I draw the hummingbird design and then I started making.

What you need for this project:

1) 20 gauge crafts wire

2) fish hook ear wires findings

3) Eyepin

4) beads

5) nose pliers

Step 1: Making Wire Hummingbird

At first, I draw the hummingbird design.And then I started making.I used 20 gauge wire.At first, I started with making the eye of the hummingbird.Using the nose pillars first I made a small loop, which is the eye of the hummingbird.Then need to make the wire little bend like a small half circle for making face.Then need to make the beak as you can see in the pic.After making the beak, then again need to bend the wire small half circle for the hummingbird head.Please follow the pic also. After making the head I started making wings as you can see in the pic detail.It's little curvy.And then need to make the tail as you see the pic.Then last part is, from the tail rest of the wire comes to again hummingbird face area. Then need to cut the wire and join the wire to lower face area using the nose pillars. Now wire hummingbird is ready.

Step 2: Finishing Earring

For making earring you need here

1) fish hook ear wires findings

3) Eyepin 4) beads 5) nose pliers

At first, take the eyepin and using nose pillars open a little bit and hang the wire hummingbird.And the again close it using nose pillars. Then put some colorful beads on the eyepin and excess part cut off and with nose pillars make a loop. On that loop put the fish hook ear wires and close the loop using nose pillars.

Now you can see the earring is ready.



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