How to Make IWB Kydex Holster in 1 Hour!

About: Ever since I was a kid I liked to build stuff, so now as an adult I like to use my talents as hobbies, while still have to maintain a job for income. Some of the things I like to work with is, wood, metal, K...

Today I will show you how to make down and dirty, quick and easy, light and simple, inside waist band holster for your gun! All in under and hour!

This is ALL you need to assemble your holster. No fancy stuff, just

2 - Chicago screws

6 - tiny rubber bushings

1 - belt clip

1 - pre-formed Kydex holster

For how to make all of it and then put it together come check out my YouTube video!

Enjoy, and see you soon!

P.S. Trust Me, I Do This All The Time!



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