How to Make Iced Tea.

Introduction: How to Make Iced Tea.

This is a instructable on how to make no-sugar iced tea!

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Step 1: Get Your Tea Out!

Grab your tea! Whether its just tea leaf's or tea bags! In this case, I'm using tea leaf's.

Step 2: Add Your Tea!

Put you tea leafs in your coffee strainer in your coffee maker! I did 5 pinches.

Step 3: Add Water!

Add water to the coffee maker machine! Then turn it on and wait for it to be done!

Step 4: Wait!

Wait for tea to brew!

Step 5: Get a Cup!

Grab your cup/mug you are going to use for your tea!

Step 6: Grab Ice!

Get some ice ready!

Step 7: Add!

Fill your cup/mug to the top with ice!

Step 8: Pour!

Pour the brewed tea into your cup/mug of ice and you have iced tea!

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    3 years ago

    I love every kind of tea :)