How to Make Indian Tea (a.k.a Chai)




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As an Indian my parents love Tea, they love it so mutch i decided to make an intructable about how to make some. Idian tea is great for those sore throat, and those colds it opens up sineses. And best of all ITS deliseos.

Step 1: Collection Ingredients

For this you will need

1. Indian Tea (you can get this at any indian shops) you need lipton green label and Brooke Bond red label make sure its not tea bags mix these together.

2. Sugar

3. Milk

4. Ginger

5. Tea Strainer

6. Pot

Step 2: Crush Ginger and Boil Water

Put the piece of ginger under somthing hard and squish it drop into pot of water turn on the gas.

Step 3: Adding Sugar and Tea.

When the water starts to boil ( bubbles in water start to jump)Put two and a half table spoons of sugar into the pot of boiling water, then wait two minutes and put two spoons of tea if you like it medium strong, or two and a half spoons for strong or one and a half for light strong.

Step 4: Adding Milk

Wait 3-4 minutes after adding tea then add milk until its th color of pic two.

Step 5: Pour and Enjoy

Wait 3 minutes after adding the Milk and then take the pot off the stove, put your strainer on a cup and rest it's other side on another cup and pour! Trow out the stuff left over in the strainer and pot.

Pat yourself on the back and Enjoy your Indian Tea!!



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Urvashi soni

Question 3 months ago on Step 5

After making this I am not getting the colour as your's what to do??


5 months ago on Introduction

Proof reading:
"As an Indian, my parents love tea. They love it so much, I decided to make an instructable about how to make some. Indian tea is great for sore throats and colds. It opens up sinuses. And best of all, It's Deliseos :)"


Question 1 year ago on Step 1

What is the quantity of to take


2 years ago

Your website is so irritating to read .. Thank you for the attempt anyway


3 years ago

I'm just curious if you meant this to only have one spice in it? I imagine ginger is perfectly fine, but every other recipe I've seen has at least 3 other things to spice the tea. I've never been to India, so the only chai I've ever tried is the kind I make myself. I've never even had it at Starbucks or a coffee shop. I don't even know what "the real thing" tastes like. I started drinking it out of curiosity and have been drinking it ever since. All of the ingredients are also either antioxidant or anti-inflammatory, which is even more reason to drink it.


11 years ago on Introduction

This sounds amazing and I'm looking forward to trying it! However, looking through the comments, I noticed a few people asked how much water should be used in order for the portions to be correct (and I'm sure so the flavor is the best too!) but I didn't see any response. I double checked the recipe as well but didn't see anything that may have been added at a later time. How much water should I use? Thanks so much!! =)

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

Hi, its always half half quantity. If Milk is thick enough and you want milky taste, take 3/4th of milk and 1/4th water. But, we indian always make it in half glass of milk with half glass of water !! enjoy :-)

hm. I make chai with cardomom (elichee) and a bit differently than you do:

Materials: 1 part *water, 1 part milk (2% or 1% is fine, as is whole milk, but skim doesn't come out as good), a few pinches of crushed cardomom, and a spoon of tea leaves (per cup of tea you are planning on making, and yes red label is good, so is tetley... i HAVE used lipton (normal orange/black) tea bags, but it's not as good).

  • 1 part = if you are making 1 cup (prepared) chai, then use 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk, etc.

1) in saucepan add water, milk, sugar (as preferred, I like adding 1-1.5 teaspoons per cup of desired chai), and add crushed cardomom.
2) right before it boils (like when it's getting ready to boil/there are tiny bubbles) add tea leaves
3) let boil and achieve desired color (should be a nice reddish-brown color, like the chai in this tutorial)
4) strain and pour into cup and enjoy!

1 reply

7 years ago on Introduction

thank u .............njoyng hot cup of tea wid weed............................


10 years ago on Introduction

hi, the indian tea is something special , i never forget it if you see professional indian teamakers, then you find, there something more than just put a few ingrediens together :-) most of them´d achieved mastery of it. i think, the spicy wasn´t just ginger, but also cardamon, white pepper,cinemon and cloves. you may get it together like a chai masala or datha chai masala. i´m not an indian, but i spent there 5 wonderful years, and it´d became my second home. by the way, the tibetan or mongolian tea is something quite different, but also with milk.


12 years ago

Do have to have the milk? I normally drink my tea black - would missing out the milk make it taste like kak?

2 replies

Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

I'd think you'd be missing out. Of course you can make chai anyway you like. But i think you'd miss the creamy-comfort-foodness-of the chai. I'd try it both ways. :-)


Reply 12 years ago

No its only a whitner/creamer.


12 years ago

Wow 561 wiews in 24 hrs!! Great anyone got any indian food they want to make ask me ill post it (i love to cook) PS. ADDED CHAI TO TITLE