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Introduction: How to Make Jamun Wine

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We have a huge Jamun tree (Syzygium cumini) in our home garden and June - July months are the fruiting season. We have so much of fruit, I thought of making some Jamun wine from the fruits.

I am not an expert in brewing or wine making. So I collected some information from a web site and did little modification of my own. The end result is fantastic...

Step 1: Collect the Fruits

The Jamun tree is so high, it is very difficult to climb the tree. During the fruiting season, the only option is to collect the matured fruits falling down to the ground from the tree. So, we spread a polythene sheet below the tree and collect the fruits.

After discarding the unripe and damaged fruits I got about 500 grams of Jamun fruit.

Step 2: Wash and Clean the Fruits

  • Wash and clean a container and add the Jamun fruits in it
  • Add a handful of crystal salt and stir the fruits thoroughly with salt
  • Transfer the fruits to a strainer and clean with filtered water two to three times to remove the traces of salt.

Step 3: Remove the Seeds

  • Transfer the fruits from the strainer to the clean container
  • Crush the fruits with your fingers and separate the seeds and flesh
  • Collect the seeds and discard. You can also make a powder from the dried seeds, which is considered as a medicine in Ayerveda.

Step 4: Add Other Ingredients

Now we have collected the flesh and juice from about 500 grams of fruits

  • Add about 150 grams of sugar to the juice
  • Cut a lime and add the juice to the mixture
  • Mix about 10 to 15 grams of yeast in warm water and add to the mixture
  • Boil about half a liter of water and allow it to cool
  • Add the water to the container and mix well

Step 5: Transfer to a Clean Bottle

  • After diluting the mix, we got about one liter of mixture
  • Wash and clean a 2 liters plastic water
  • Transfer the mixture from the container to the bottle.
  • Now we have more than half of the plastic bottle empty. I made another batch of same size from Jamun fruits and filled the bottle leaving few inches of space in the bottle.

Step 6: Store

  • The plastic bottle has few inches of empty space on top. Just press the plastic bottle so that all air present in the bottle is pressed out and replace the cap.
  • Keep the bottle in a safe and hygienic place. Soon you will find the gas produced from the mixture fills up the bottle.
  • Release the gas twice in a day. After about ten days, the gas production seems to be under control

Step 7: Transfer to a New Bottle

  • Wash and clean another bottle
  • Tilt the bottle containing the mixture over the new bottle and transfer the juice
  • Drain out the remaining pulp from the old plastic bottle
  • Keep the new bottle with the liquid in a safe place

Step 8: Enjoy Your Jamun Wine

  • The liquid in the fresh bottle still produces so much of gas.
  • Open the lid and release the gas without allowing any outside air to pass back into the bottle
  • After about 10 days you will find the gas formation has slowed down

I thought of tasting the liquid at its present state. It tasted so good and I am on my way to collect more fruits from the Jamun tree

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2 months ago

I followed all the steps correctly... though the Jamuns I bought was not much purple...
But after I stored the got divided into 3 it ok..??
Jamun pulp is loosing it's few particles in brown color


4 years ago

Oh I voted for you as well.


4 years ago

I never thought I would read about jamun! We have the same trees growing locally. I love the fruit. Great instructable!