How to Make Jelly Clear Slime - Without Borax (DIY LIQUID GLASS) Clay Slime

Introduction: How to Make Jelly Clear Slime - Without Borax (DIY LIQUID GLASS) Clay Slime

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Without Borax (DIY Liquid Glass)
Clay Slime / Clear Putty ( MonsterKids )

Ratio : Ball Clay 100 + Hot water 100 + Clear Glue 100 Baking Soda 1ts + Hot water 100

(Make sure to use hot water. DRY~)

DIY liquid glass putty (Borax) Ver. Adults !!

Unedited Ver.

Foam clay :

Slime List

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How to make Jelly Clear Slime - Unedited

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How To Make Clear Slime !! Jelly Slime Use Borax

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