How to Make Jewelry Box

Make jewelry box with paper quill. required material is as under:-

Color Computer Paper, Pencil, Roller scale, Food stick, Glue and Scissors

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Step 1: 1st Method for Make Paper Quill

In first method, roll a color stripe and glue it when done add another color stripe in the continuation of the first one. Use food stick or quilling tool to roll the paper stripes.

Step 2: 2nd Method for Make Paper Quill

In second method, glue the corner of six / seven stripes of different colors together and roll it. When done, press with the finger to level it.

Step 3: 3rd Method for Make Paper Quill

In third method, glue the six / seven stripes of different colors shown in picture and roll it. Make two big sizes and some small size of paper quills. Apply glue on the paper quill and let it dry.

Step 4: Final Procedure

Glue one side of small paper quill and past it in to big one. Paste all small paper quills till the completion of box. Finally, apply glue on the jewelry box and let it dry.

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