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    The molds would not work for regular metal casting, but as the video states at 5:54, metal powder can be added to make a metal object. The amount of each liquid you use would change since some of the final mixture would be metal powder. When my small business made coins we used equal parts of the liquids and metal powder 1:1:1. The metal powder is real metal, ground finely, so speak to someone in depth of how to do it properly and take safety precautions, like rubber gloves, face masks, etc.

    Do a search for "Lostwax Casting Method" for details on how to use a silicone mold to make wax positives & how to sprue them to a base onto which a flask snaps on & filled with a mixture called "Investment". When cured place in a kiln at proper temp to "Burn Out" the flask of wax & now you have a mold to cast metal into.


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    How well does your plastic hold up to sunlight?  I'm thinking of making parts for a sailboat. 

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    I would guess fairly well. It's polyester resin which is the same stuff used in marine fiberglass resin only the craft stuff Tap sells is clear.