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Today in this video tutorial i am going to show you Step By Step

How to make a simple diy LED Cube 4x4x4 circuit using Arduino nano micro controller


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Step 1: Hardware Required

  • ► PCB LED Cube
  • ► Diffused LED any color 64x
  • ► 100 ohm Resistor 4x
  • ► Female Headers
  • ► Silver Wires 40x
  • ► Card Piece
  • ► Arduino Nano
  • ► Micro-B USB Cable

Step 2: Steps

Follow All Steps Carefully from the Video Above (Recommended)

► Take a 5x5 inch card piece and make 9 square box with 1x1 inch spacing

► Drill 5mm Hole to the corner of all boxes

► Bend -ve leg of LED with the help of Screw Driver

► Mark Arrow on Card Piece and Insert all LED (-ve leg ) facing the arrow

► Connect all positive leg of 16 led's using silver wire

► After making 4 row using similar technique connect all -ve leg of led using silver wires

► Connect L1 L2 L3 L4 To Common +Ve of Row1 Row2 Row3 Row4 Respectively

► Solder Header

► Solder Resistors

► Upload code and Power up circuit

Step 3: All Important Files

Download All Files

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