How to Make LED Dimmable Nightstand Lamp



Introduction: How to Make LED Dimmable Nightstand Lamp

This time I’ll show you how I did conversion of this nightstand lamp from regular incandescent light bulb to LEDs, plus made it dimmable.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow.

For this project you will need:


12V LED strip

12V power supply

LED dimmer (ZS-X4B) 90W:

Soda can


Drill and bits


Hot glue gun

Soldering iron and solder

Screw driver

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Step 1: What Is What

I used 12V LED strip with double side tape in a back. What I did - I glued this short piece of strip on a soda can .I did that for two reasons - first, I need some base for LED strip to stick and this can was a perfect candidate regarding it form and size. And second - aluminum will be very good cooler to keep LEDs cool.

Step 2: Dismantle the Lamp

Next I took a part a lamp and dismantle unnecessary parts.

Step 3: LED Dimmer

To control intensity of light I used this LED dimmer module. It could take from 5 to 30V up to 90W.
Basically this is a PWM speed controller for mini electric motor, but it is 10Khz of frequency what allow us to use it as dimmer for LED without any flickering. Plus it is very cheap. Specs and where to get it online: click a link.

Step 4: Installing Dimmer

Marked terminals, because I can't see them after dimmer will be mounted in place.
Drilled a hole in lamp stand and secured dimmer in place. Added small piece of plastic to prevent any short circuit between lamp stand and a circuit board.

This module have on/off function, so I don’t need to use button any more. If I’ll remove it - there will be a hole, so I left it and just cut off no needed wires.

Step 5: Connecting LED

Drilled two holes in a can for wires and soldered to LED strip. Used hot glue to fix them in place.

Step 6: Rreassembling

And it’s time to assemble everything back. With hot glue glued can in needed place.

Step 7: Power Supply and Wiring

And what left - just to connect all wires.
To power up this lamp I used 12V and 1A power supply. I think it is from old WiFi router or some other device that stopped working, but power supply is still good and could be reused. Connected power wires, fixed them with hot glue and that it, conversion is done.

Step 8: Result

Unfortunately it’s very hard to show real dimming in camera, but I think you will got the idea.
It came exactly as I was expected. Lamp can be very dim or very bright, depending on dimmer knob position. Plus, now at full power lamp will take only 9W instead of 28W, what is a nice improvement too.

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