How to Make LED Fan

Introduction: How to Make LED Fan

I will show you how to convert your old boring fan into a nice glowing fan.

Step 1: Materials

You need:



-Superglue/hot glue


Step 2: LED

What is LED???

-Light-emitting diode

-Has positive and negative leg

-Usually use 20mA=0,02A(I led)

-Gives a lot of light

In this project we need the maximum power of the LED so we should choose resistor value by calculating or choose the correct voltage.


I want to use it on 12V(Uin) and my green and red LEDs together needs(in serial) 5,5V(Uled) so...

Resistor=(Uin-Uled)/Iled Resistor=(12-5,5V)/0,02 Resitor=325Ohm

So we need to use 325Ohm resistor or little bit different. You need to solder the resistor to the led.

Step 3: Make It

I want to use 2 LEDs so I need to drill two 5mm hole.
The LED direction is very important!!! Please take a look at the picture.
After drilling the two holes I used a 3V battery to test LED in the hole to make sure it will work fine. (fan should turn on while testing)
I used superglue to glue the LED into the fan and the fan was turned on so i was sure that the LED won't touch the blades.
LEDs are connected to the fan's power cable and it's ready to go. :)
Transparent fan is the best for this project.

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