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I put neopixel LEDs on my ice skate. Everytime the microphone which is connected with Arduino board hears any noisy sound, it sends various signal to leds. It is easy to make even for beginners. I shared codes and instructions. Let’s try it together!

Step 1: Preparing Parts

[ Parts and Tools ]

[ Tools ]


[About the Maker]

Select waterproof product. There are many options to select it. Basically, waterproof is better than normal LED but it could be more expensive. This project will be outside particularly icy environment. I highly recommend waterproof version.

Step 2: Solder the Circuit Like This

Mic Sensor - D2

Neopixel - D3

Step 3: Glue It for Water Resistance

Hot melt glue is always good at insulating. It prevents the parts from wetting(even though it looks not beautiful)

Step 4: Attach It Onto Your Ice Skate

You can attach it by using hot melt but it turned out that it is not strong sticky especially under cold weather. I think I need to find more effective way.

Step 5: Field Test and Play!

I love this color!!

Step 6: Alternative Way

If you don’t want to make by yourselves, you can buy this product. But it is not be customized.

Remote Controller For WS2812B WS2812B LED Stip 60/M 5v usb battery



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