How to Make Latin Seasoned Breaded Fried Chicken Breast




Introduction: How to Make Latin Seasoned Breaded Fried Chicken Breast

Fried chicken breast with a twist of lemon.

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Step 1: Clean the Chicken

Clean the chicken breast with cold water, make sure you dry the chicken throughly before you begin to season it.

Step 2: Cut the Chicken

Cut the chicken breast in strips or in chunks; poke small holes into the chicken.

Step 3: Freshly Squeezed Limes or Lemon Juice

Squeeze two limes or lemons depending on the size of the lime/lemon, you can just use one, if the lime/lemon is juicy enough. Spread the lime/lemon juice all over the chicken.

Step 4: Season the Chicken

Sift garlic powder, black pepper, Knorr chicken bullion, Sazon accent, Sazon accent achiote, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, and cilantro flakes. Wash your hands thoroughly and massage your hand through the chicken, mixing the seasonings together and making sure that each piece is covered with the seasoning.

Step 5: Breading the Chicken Breast

Grab a bowl of fresh whole milk or whichever milk you prefer to use, mix the milk with two uncooked eggs and parsley. Dip the chicken inside of the bowl flipping it on both sides making sure the milk-egged is sticking to the chicken.

Step 6: Letting the Chicken Absorb the Breading

Grab a bowl of all-purpose flour and dip the milk-egged chicken into the flour; shake off the flour and allow it sit in a plate for a few minutes.

Step 7: Let the Oil Preheat

Grab you best frying pan and let the oil preheat at a very low flame.

Step 8: Frying the Chicken

Once the oil begins to slightly bubble put as many pieces of breaded chicken in to the fryer and flip it every 15 minutes so that the crumbs can stick on both sides of the chicken.

Step 9: Chicken Being Deep Fried

After 30-40 minutes once the chicken is cooked and getting crispy brown you can raise the flame for 2-3 minutes until the chicken is crispy.

Step 10: Straining the Chicken and Then Enjoying It

Lastly place the chicken in a strainer, wait for it to cool off and enjoy.

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    3 years ago

    Hi mine came out delicious!!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    This sounds pretty good! Do you have measurements for the ingredients you used?


    3 years ago

    Looks delicious :)