How to Make Led Strip Flashing Easy

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How to make led strip blink easy

Step 1: Usb Led Strip From RGB Strip

The easiest thing to make an led strip blink, in this case an usb led strip is to have or buy a controller from that RGB led controller,a power supply,power bank,or any USB power outlet and the led strip itself

Step 2: RGB Controller Close Look

As we can see in this picture here the controller has R-G-B and 5+ so we have 3 channel of negative and one positive so we can connect 3 usb strips or 3 usb flashlights, led bulbs anything that is powered by USB(5v)

and we will need a connector i have this from an old dvd,orif you whant the propper connector you can google them.

Step 3: Rgb Controller Test

We will plug in the controller in any usb power source and we will test the pins you should see on the multimeter 4-0-4 volts or close to this range and we can connect our led strip to any of this R-G-B in the video at the end of this tutorial i have connected to the R

Step 4: How to Make Led Strip Blink Easy

How to make any led strip blink easy parts:

Led strip(5v-12)

Rgb controller

Usb power bank


Step 5: Led Strip Blinking

  • As you can see we have connected to the controller and our channel is working perfectly you can connect to any of the R G B as long you will take in to consideration that R G B are the minus terminals



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