How to Make LinkNode D1 Connected to the Cloud Platform

This instruction will tell you how to connect to with LinkSprite D1

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Step 1: ​Material Preparation

LinkNode D1 x 1

Step 2: Login ,and Record the “Device ID” and “API Key”

1. Register and Login this account

2. My Profile -> API key

3. My device->Create DIY Device

Enter Device Name,Device Type , Group Name , the device number is 00, device name and device grouping can be any.
Note: Device Type must be selected 00(Custom device type) . Now you can see “test” in My Devices, Click “test” and record the Device ID.

Step 3: Download and Run the Code

1. Download the source files?

git clone

2. Put the code in the following directory(examples under Arduino installation directory )

3. Open the Arduino IDE, File -> Example -> LinkSpriteIO-> LinkSpriteIO.ino

4.Modify the “deviceID” and “apikey” with your own

5. Configure LinkNode D1 Engineering Environment

6. compile and run the code

Open the serial port and to observe phenomena. serial port

Here we can see communication of LinkNode D1 and

Note: The first use of LinkNode D1 need to connect the WiFi, the specific operation, please refer to the linksprite wiki Tutorial 4 .

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