How to Make Little Two Colored Square Earrings Using Coffee Pods



About: We are 2 jewelry designers from Switzerland, Isabel and Naomi. We met each other a couple of years ago and when we put our minds together, we create lots of different things. Our jewelry is made from up-cyc...

Isabel and I like to make different shapes with coffee pods, either by folding our cutting. This Instructable will show you how to make two colored square earrings using Nespresso coffee pods. We hope you like the Instructable. If you like it, please vote for us :-)

The materials we used to make these earrings are: 2 Nespresso coffee pods (1 Ristretto and 1 Vivalto lungo), earring hooks, decorative scissors used for scrapbooking, a square punch (we used the brand Folia, 10 mm), silver colored jump rings and jewelers tools

Step 1: Watch the Tutorial

Check out the video to see how we make the squares in detail

Step 2: Prepare Your Coffee Pod

Take the coffee pods of choice. Clean them and hereafter cut off the bottom and top. The side piece needs to be flattened entirely. Take your decorative scissors of choice and cut the side of the flattened piece to create an edge. Fold over this edge. Now you have a mix of silver and your coffee pod color.

If you want two different colors of coffee pod, repeat this step, but add the 2 together with one color in the front and the other color on the back (silver side facing the middle).

Step 3: Cut the Squares

Take a square punch and cut where you have folded your edge. Make sure you do not cut where you have folded otherwise your edge is cut off and your only have a square.

Step 4: Assemble the Pieces and Your Earrings Are Done.

Pierce all the squares. Use jump rings to attach the squares. Than attache the earring hooks and your earrings are done! We hope you like the Instructable.



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