How to Make Loud Trip Wire Alarm System




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Hello Readers in this instructable i made a Trip Wire Alarm System Which is Very easy to build and also keeps Thiefs away

One of the Special Feature of this is after alarming for some time the sound system stops and LED starts glowing

Note:Wear Safety Goggles if You are Building This because it includes Flying away of some parts from the unit

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

  • Box of your choice small is recommended
  • Steel vessel used to make sound
  • Hot Glue
  • LED Strip
  • Battery
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Steel Nut
  • Wire
  • Plastic Cap
  • DC Motor

Step 2: Video Includes Step by Step Instructions

If You Hate Reading You can Watch this Video

Step 3: Phase 1

  • Steel vessel is Coupled with base using hot glue
  • Cap is hot glued and mounted on box
  • Upon this DC Motor is Placed

Step 4: Phase 2

  • Battery is Connected to Motor and then checked
  • Popsicle stick end is wrapped with foil(do for 2 popsicle sticks)

Step 5: Phase 3

  • Ends of terminals is connected to foils of popsicle sticks(acts as a switch)
  • LED strip and Battery are Hot Glued
  • Two foils are separated by popsicle sticks with one of its end tied to Wire

Step 6: Building Main Unit Causing Alarm

Note:Wear Safety Goggles if You are Building This because it includes Flying away of some parts from the unit

  • Nut is tied using wire(ive used insulated copper)reason for using copper is wears easily in this opearting condition and breaks after a couple of minutes
  • ive used wheel from one of my toy to couple this up
  • Be away while testing because the nut may fly off
  • Here The alarm stops automatically after a couple of minutes and then Led will be glowing indicating alarm has happened
  • Alarm is ready to scare Thiefs!!
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    2 years ago

    Excellent video. Very creative alarm system. Thank you.

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    Very simple...I'm making this! You might edit to suggest possible 'metal vessels' which can easily be found.

    1 reply
    ROBO HUBchipper35

    Reply 1 year ago

    Definitely.. thankyou for suggestions..keep supporting by liking and sharing:)