How to Make Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer With NE5532 IC | DIY ( ELECTROINDIA )

Intro: How to Make Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer With NE5532 IC | DIY ( ELECTROINDIA )

In this project I will show you how you can make a Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Watch the Video!

The video gives you all the information you need to build your own Low Pass Filter.

Step 2: Order Your Components


I used service for prototype PCB

2PCS. NE5532 IC

1PCS. 7815 IC

1PCS. 7915 IC

3PCS.10K Resistance

2PCS.100K Resistance

1PCS.150K Resistance

4PCS.6K8 Resistance

1PCS.86K Resistance

5PCS.100K Capacitor

1PCS.10K Capacitor

1PCS.47pf Capacitor

2PCS.220K Capacitor

3PCS.10uf50v Capacitor

2Pcs.2200uf25v Capacitor

4Pcs.4007 Diode

2Pcs.47K Potentiometer

Step 3: Let's Build It

Here you can see how you can build it

Step 4: Success

We did it! we just built our own low pass filter for subwoofer



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    5 Discussions


    Reply 8 months ago

    Well explained? I disagree. There's virtually no explanation in this article at all.

    But yes, the photos are nice.


    8 months ago

    Based solely on the information presented here, how is someone supposed to build this circuit? There is no schematic, PCB layout, theory of operation, or specifications. There's no information presented here that is useful.

    At the moment all I see is an assembly guide for a circuit no one else can make and an advertisement for a PCB manufacturer.