How to Make Lumpia #HMS2018


Introduction: How to Make Lumpia #HMS2018

Things you need:



Cooking Oil

Mixed vegetables

Ground beef

Lumpia wrappers


Oyster sauce

Soy sauce

Step 1:

Get a pan and put some oil. Chop some onions and garlic then add them to the pan. Next put the ground beef.

Step 2: Add Flavor.

Add soy sauce, ground pepper, and oyster sauce then mix it. Leave it to cook for a while.

Step 3:

Add the vegetables and mix it. Let it cook for a while. Then let it cool down to wrap.

Step 4:

Wrap it twice with the lumpia wrap.

Step 5: Fry It.

Step 6: Enjoy! :D



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    2 Discussions

    I tried these the other day. They are awesome with curry ketchup.

    These look so good!