How to Make Macro | Protective Lens Filter for DSLR



Introduction: How to Make Macro | Protective Lens Filter for DSLR

- What is up everybody, In this quick tutorial I am going to show you how you can make a custom macro or protective lens kit for your DLSR camera with 3d printer.

Step 1: 3d Modeling

- To start this project we firstly gonna need a 3d model of a standard DSLR lens kit.

- Luckily a friend Daven from channel Make anything already made a custom lens filter model but we need to make a few adjustments for our lens to fit in snuggly. You can download and original and remodeled file down in the links below.


- So First thing was to enlarge the inner diameter of the model to match the diameter of our lenses.

- In my case I ordered a 44.5 mm lenses so I made that inner diameter same size for a snug fit.

- The surface area of the lens is prefered to be as big as possible so I leave one milimeter on each side to prevent the lens from falling out of the adapter.

- Now slice it in any slicing software an print it at 0.2 mm layer height.

Step 2: 3D Printing and Cleanup

- The adapter is actually made from two independent pieces so we need to brake some small supports that are holding those two pieces together.

- With a little bit of force you should be able to separate them apart.

- With sharp knife remove some leftover retraction strings and we can finally insert the lens.

Step 3: Mounting..

- I have used two different glass types. First one is a common concave lens with which we can shoot macro photographies and the second one is a common flat glass that will serve just as a protective layer.

- To install the lens simply align it with the adapter and push strongly until you will hear a click when it will pop in its place and this is pretty much it.

- You can also apply a few drops of super glue if your fit is not perfect and here we have it

- The lens kit can be easily attached to any DSLR camera and It doesn't look so weird as I firstly thought it would be.

Step 4: Testing Our Macro Lens

- Here are some images taken with my Canon 1200d.

- Pictures on the left were taken with minimum focal distance and the right pictures were taken on the same settings with macro lens attached to the camera.

- These lens kit is great for capturing that extra fine details without paying a big amounts of money for a specialized macro lenses.

I hope you like that instructable, please leave some comments if you have any suggestion how would you improve/change it.

Step 5: Watch a Video

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