How to Make Marble Balancing Board Game DIY at Home



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Materials you will need-




-Super glue

-5mm thick sunboard

-5mm thick acrylic sheet

-Glue gun


-Chart paper

Step 1: Take a 24 Cm Square Cardboard and Stick 8cm High Cardboard Pieces on the Sides As Shown.

Step 2: Insert a Wooden Stick at 5cm Height and Pass It Diagonally Through the Cardboard As Shown. Apply Super Glue.

Step 3: Make Holes in the Sunboard As Shown. Now, Cut the Acrylic Sheet According to the Given Measurements and Using Super Glue, Stick Them As Shown.

Step 4: Apply Glue to the Cardboard Pieces As Shown. Place the Sunboard and Marbles Inside the Cardboard Box.

Step 5: Place the Acrylic Sheet on the Cardboard Box. Use Chart Paper As Shown for Design.

Step 6: Make the Handles for the Game As Shown. Your Marble Balancing Baord Game Is Ready!

Step 7: Watch the Detailed Tutorial Here!



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