How to Make Mava Malai Kulfi

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Hi today I am going to make this mava malai kulfi. One thing is don't confused about the mava malai. Mava malai is a flavour of ice cream or kulfi (popsicle).

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Step 1: Ingredients and Materials Needed

Ice cream mix
Popsicle stick
Plastic glass or steel glass

Step 2: Ice Cream Making

First of all take mava malai flavour ice cream mix and make ice cream. ? you can also use another flavours and also use packed ice cream.

Step 3: Melt

Now melt ice cream.

Step 4: Making Kulfi

Now take glass and fill glass with ice cream. Now take popsicle and put in the glass.

Step 5: Freeze

Now put glass on freezer for hours. After kulfi get freezes remove from glass. Completed.

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