How to Make Mini Bonsai Tree




  1. Driftwood
  2. Glue gun
  3. Artificial leaves,
  4. Stone pot
  5. Wood cutter
  6. Air dry modeling clay
  7. Colour
  8. scissors
  9. Floral foam

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Step 1: Making Points

  1. Take driftwood
  2. cutter is used to cut the required shape
  3. pieces of wood is join with glue gun
  4. wood is attached to pot with air dry modeling clay
  5. use match stick to shape the clay

Step 2: Colouring

  1. use colour to tree for original look
  2. brown colour is used to final look

Step 3: Making Leaves and Flower

  1. take artificial leave and cut it in shape of small leave
  2. required shaped leave is fold with the help of glue
  3. cut the shape of flower and attached them with wire

Step 4: Attetch Leaves and Flower

  1. attatched leaves and flower with tree
  2. take floral foam and place on pot with the help of glue
  3. the mini bonsai tree is ready

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