How to Make Mini Key Chain With Torch From Waste Plastic Bottle

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Mini key chain with torch light are easily made by the waste plastic bottle. This time I tried to bring to you something new and different way to create key chain with torch light. The cost is under 30Rs of Indian money.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1) Waste small plastic bottle

2) 3W LED

3) Mini switch

4) Wires

5) Mini screws

6) Coin battery with holder

7) Soldering iron

8) Hot glue gun

9) Old chain

Step 2: LED Fixing

Mark the point by the pen to place the LED in the bottom of the plastic bottle. Make the mini hole at the point. With the help of mini screws fix the LED at the bottom of the plastic bottle. Then make 2 holes for wires.

Step 3: Mini Switch Fixing

Mark the switch at the side of the plastic bottle. Then make the holes for insert the switch terminals. With the help of hot glue gun fix the switch in the plastic bottle.

Step 4: Circuit Diagrm

Make the connections as per the circuit diagram.

Step 5: Making Key Chain

Make the holes in the cap of the bottle. Fix the old chain to the bottle cap. Then connect the key to the chain

Step 6: Making Video

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