How to Make Mini Tesla Coil

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In this article I will not discuss the Arduino circuit like the previous article.

This time I will show you how to make a mini Tesla coil.

Let's start making it.

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Step 1: Required Componets

To make a Tesla coil, the components you need are as follows:

  • PCB 1x
  • DC Socket 1x
  • Switch 1x
  • Capacitor 1uF 1x
  • Resistor 1K 1x
  • Transistor BD243C 1x
  • Heatshink & Screw1x
  • Coils 1x
  • Spacer 3x

Additional Components

Step 2: Assemble All Components

Assemble all components to the PCB. Put components in accordance with the image on the PCB.

Step 3: Result

After all components are installed. Turn on the Tesla Coil using a 12V DC Adapter.

Bring the incandescent light to the coil. If the circuit is working, the incandescent LED will light.

For more details about the results, watch the video above.

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