How to Make Modern Desk Lamp




Introduction: How to Make Modern Desk Lamp

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In this project, I have made a modern desk lamp. Check this instructable to learn How I build it.

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Step 1: Watch: How to Modern Desk Lamp

Step 2: List of Material

1. Acrylic sheet

2. Plywood

3. 6inch nut

4. Sandpaper

5. Glue

6. Sunmica sheet

7. LED strip(12v)

8. Switch

9. Power connector(Female)

10. Small pics of pipe

11. 2 screw

12. 12v adapter

Step 3: Cutting

Make some circle pieces of acrylic and plywood according to your length of your lamp.

Step 4: Edge Smothing

After cutting the circle piece, you can see edges are not smooth so we need to smooth the edges.

We r using sandpaper to smooth the edge.

First thing you need to do,

Using 6inch nut arrange this pieces one by one as shown in the pic.

Then attach it to your drill machine and use sandpaper.

Step 5: Make a Hole

After smoothing all edges, make a hole in the center. This hole's diameter will be little bite larger than your pipe diameter.

Step 6: Fix All the Circle Pieces

Now fix all the pieces as shown in the above pic

Step 7: Circuit

Connect switch and female power jack and instead of connecting LED, 1st connect some extra wire. At the time of assembling we will connect LED strip with this wire.

Step 8: Make Your Base

Mark your base for the switch and power jack and cut it and also make a hole on the upper side as shown in the pic.

Step 9: Cover It

Use sunmica sheet to cover it.

Step 10: Attach LED

Attach the LED strip with the pipe as shown in the picture.

Step 11: Assembling

Now connect the extra wire to the led strip and fix it with hot glue and Fix the cylindrical part as shown in the pic.

Step 12: Test

It's perfect. :-)

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Thank you


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