How to Make Money Printer From Scrap Materials (Magic Trick)




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Here's a simple and basic instructable to Trick your


If u Find Any Difficulty in Reading my Ible please Watch The video placed

in the last step of instructable,the video has full detailed idea of building the stuff above.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

1)old dvd

2)paper clip box


4)hot glue

5)soldering rod

6)sheet paper



Step 2: Supporting Structure

To support The whole Structure,the ruler is cut Exactly At 7cm (depending on the base i've supported)

ive made hole using soldering iron it is better to use drilling machine for more conveniency.

Step 3: Base

To the paper clip box ruler is attached to both the sides by using hot glue (recommended to use less temperature)

Step 4: Solid Base

To have the solid base ive used old dvd,the ends of ruler are attaches to dvd surface using hot glue

Step 5: Gripper

To grip the pen a small hump is made using hot glue so that it wont slip from the holder

and to the other side

Step 6: Gluing Up

For more comfortability paper clip (shape shown in image) is hot glued to another end of the pen

Step 7: Rolling Paper! the Trick Is Shown in Video (next Step)

To the pen paper strip (lengthy) is attached since i dont know how to express the trick in words please watch my video shown in next step

Step 8: Full Video of Making Money Printer

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    Question 5 months ago on Step 7

    What type of paper is this