How to Make Moon Phases Project for School: Using Paper Plate and Styrofoam Balls


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Today I am going to show you how to make Moon Phase project for kids.

You can make it for homeschooling, school project or teaching your kids.

I tried to make this project as simple as possible. I have used paper plates and Styrofoam ball for this project.

What you need for this project I have listed below.


1) Square black paper plate

2) Styrofoam balls

3) Yellow foam sheet

4) Acrylic paint

5) Hot glue

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Step 1: How to Make:

First, take 4 small Styrofoam balls and cut into half. Then paint all the half balls using acrylic paint. We are going use it as moon’s all phases. Then take big Styrofoam ball cut into half. And use the half ball and paint it as the Earth. Then using the yellow foam sheet make the Sun. then take the black square plate and take a toothbrush dip into white acrylic paint and sprinkle on the black plate. Then using glue attach all the moon phases accordingly then attach the Earth and the Sun. And your project is done.

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