How to Make Motorized Turntable From Lazy Susan




Introduction: How to Make Motorized Turntable From Lazy Susan

This time I’ll show you how I made a motorized turntable also known as Lazy Susan.

How I did it - you can check by looking DIY video or you can follow up instructions bellow. For this project you will need:


Lazy susan

Hot glue

Piece of rubber hose

Wood screws

Wood glue

Power wire with ON/OFF switch

Pair of wire connectors,

Microwave Turntable Synchronous Motor or this:

4 small wood knobs

A wood dowel


Drill and bits

Screw driver

Hot glue gun


Step 1: Materials

I bought this Lazy Susan from Ikea for few euros. It have main turntable components - a plate and bearing.
For this build we also need a power wire with ON/OFF switch, pair of wire connectors, a motor, 4 small wood knobs, a wood dowel, a piece of rubber hose and few screws.

Step 2: Center Point Modifications

First I removed locking nut and took off the bearing. This allow me to remove this bolt. Placed bearing back, marked center and drilled a hole.

Step 3: New Shaft

Used wood dowel as a shaft and glued in place.
Drilled bigger center hole in bottom piece to ensure enough space for spinning mechanism.

Step 4: New Feets

Pre-drilled and screwed four wood knobs. Those will be acting as turntable feets.

Step 5: Installing Motor

I used this microwave synchronous motor which bought online for few euros.
Cut short piece of rubber hose and slide it on a motor shaft. With hot glue glued bottom part and with small wood screws secured motor in place.

Used CA glue to glue wood dowel and rubber hose together.

Step 6: Wiring

At local hardware store took this power wire with ON/OFF switch. Clamped two female wire connectors and connected to the motor.

Step 7: Result

This motorized turntable will be very useful in all my future project when I want to show my finished item.
If you want to have a variable speed function - you have to use a potentiometer inline with the power cable. If the motor gets less current it will turn slower.

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 7

    Did you have a problem with the synchronous motors running hot. I have some that are running at 150 deg. F. not installed.


    2 years ago

    A very nice project, and excellent use of photographs to show the steps of your project.