How to Make Multi Output Power Supply With Up to 3A Outputs

Introduction: How to Make Multi Output Power Supply With Up to 3A Outputs

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Hello my friends >_<

If you're one of electronic fans, you need a power supply in your home!!

I found that the learning video is more effective, so I provide this "Intractable" by video.

Although there is a variable power supply in market but it's really costly and it just have 3 output (in best condition). If you have experience with electronic before you found that there is some critical voltage that most of ICs and other electronic elements work with... its +5, +12, +15 and -5, -12 and sometimes -15.

In this project we show you how you can make a power supply with two +5 volt each one with 3A, two -5 volt each one with 3A, three +12 volt each one with 3A, three -12volt 3A, one +15 volt and one -15 volt each one with 4.5 A.

To making this power supply you need this elements:

2600 hole Vera-board (1), transformer with 3 output 15-0-15 (1), 7805(4),7905(4),7812(6),7912(6),7815(3),7915(3), electrolytic capacitor 1000uF 25volt (12), electrolytic capacitor 1000uF 35volt (2), ceramic capacitor(14), LED(12), 1K ohm and 500 ohm resistor(12 and 10 respectively), two pin terminal(12), three pin terminal(1), diode rectifier(1), wood sheet(1), MDF bolt (6), brazing tools.

At the first we are learn something in theoretical & experimental about linear voltage regulators and etc:

click to watch home power supply part 1

click to watch home power supply part 2

To know about our circuit diagram watch:

click to watch home power supply part 3

For learn how you can make the circuit in experimental and how do brazing "step by step":

click to watch home power supply part 4

click to watch home power supply part 5

And the end part talking about how washing your circuit and placing the board and transformer and etc:

click to watch home power supply part 6

These are my first videos, I'm sorry for my pronunciation and etc. But this circuit really works and it's helpful.

Step 1: Finalizing Your Power Supply

In the end I must say that before soldering your negative LED you must pay attention to + and -. For negative voltage regulator my mean 7905, 7912, 7915 you must connect + pin of LED to GND throw out a resistor and connect - pin of LED to 7905 or etc. output pin. To reducing the output voltage of 7912, 7915 for your LED, you can use resistor voltage divider. we use 1K ohm + 2.2K ohm resistor in series connection and connect LED with parallel connection with 1K ohm resistor. If you have any question about it ask me, I answer you with so honor.

Step 2: What Is Different Between 2 and 3 Output Tarnsformer?

The picture is really obvious and you can see that output voltage of each transformer. We use 3 output transformers to produce negative voltage.
And about voltage regulator you must read the first line of their number and other ones provide more info about regulators, but the part number of regulators is in the first line.

When you are going to connect LEDs to +12,+15,-12 and -15 you need to use resistor voltage divider cause LED need lower 5 volts and if you connect it directly to higher voltages than 5v its burn or fire and never work again. So I show you by picture how to connect it with positive and negative voltage.

If I write you here more there is no effect like a video so watch my video and if you have questions about it ask me. Watching our video help us to provide more projects with better quality and more useful too.

Thank you

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    bitu palit
    bitu palit

    7 months ago

    How make ac to dc power supply ooutput 40V and 3A?
    please help me


    3 years ago

    It looks like a really helpful project. You could embed the videos in the instructable. :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks for your comment Swansong, but we open youtube channel and we decided to make some money by youtube for our new projects!!