How to Make Neapolitan Pizza Orginal Recipe

Discover how to make the excellent neapolitan pizza at home, cook in wood fired oven

Step 1: How to Make Neapolitan Pizza - Original Pizza Recipe by Massimo Currò (italian PizzaMaker)

Look video recipe, to realize an excellent neapolitan pizza at home

Massimo Currò use the wood fired pizza oven Pizza Party

Official web site Wood fired pizza oven Pizza Party

Italian video recipe is very popular with +200.000 views!

Wood fired pizza oven Pizza Party used in the video, more info:

Pizza Party is an excellent wood fired pizza oven for professional or private use, thanks to the particular structure and high quality material is possible cook a traditional neapolitan pizza with the original taste. Cooking with firewood and Pizza Party ovens you live a original Neapolitan experience with typical flavors and fun. The patented internal geometries and special stainless steel allows you have a high-speed cooking: only 60-70 seconds to cook your pizzas, ideal timing for an excellent pizza!

Massimo Currò is an expert pizzamaker from Italy, expert of original neapolitan pizza STG



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This looks so tasty! I'd love to see some pictures and written information on how to make this. My desktop is a long way from my kitchen.