How to Make Oil Stove

Introduction: How to Make Oil Stove

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DIY Oil stove cum Lamp

Generally when we deep fry stuffs in oil, most of us do not reuse the oil for cooking however we can make an Oil stove and use that oil as a fuel to cook food. Also this High5India's Oil stove is one of the best tool for zombie survival. Easy to make, Durable, Efficient, Recycled.

Requirement. Tin can, 100% cotton rope, metal (bottle) lid, bicycle Tyre valve, oil etc.

How to make Oil Stove

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Step 1: Requirements: Tin Can, Bottle Metal Lid, Bicycle Tyre Valve (Optional), Rope (100% Cotton)

Step 2: Make a Hole Into the Tin Can Lid (5 Holes) (4 for Stove and 1 for Lamp)

Get the Video Tutorial here: How to make Oil Stove

Step 3: Measure the Size of the Tin Can and Cut the Cotton Rope Accordingly

Get the video Tutorial here How to make Oil Stove

Step 4: Screw the Bottle Lid With Tin Can Lid With the Valve in the Centre, (It Will Be Used As a Lamp)

Watch Video Tutorial here How to make Oil Stove

Step 5: Pour Oil (any Vegetable Oil). Oil Is Used As a Fuel.

Click here for Video Tutorial How to make Oil Stove

Step 6: Light the Lamp and the Show Begins.

Watch the video Tutorials here: How to make Oil Stove

Step 7: I Made Instant Noodles (Nestle Maggi) and Green Tea.

Step 8: Don't Forget It Can Also Be Used As Lamp. :) #Happymaking

If you haven't watch the video click on the link How to make Oil Stove and Watch me having Fun while making this wonderful Project.

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Happy Making and take care of yourselves Remember "Prevention is better then Cure".


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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Graet idea to reuse not only old tins and bicycle valves but also the used cooking oil (therefore it's best to use this lamp/stove not inhouse, as it smells ...).


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yes Indeed