How to Make Origami Christmas Ornaments




Introduction: How to Make Origami Christmas Ornaments

Make 3 different easy origami Christmas Ornaments with either 3, 6, or 12 simple units.

Step 1: Making the Unit : Step 1

Start out with a piece of square paper with the colored side facing away from you. Fold the paper in half, then unfold it. Next, fold the sides towards the center as shown. Then, unfold again.

Step 2: Making the Unit : Step 2

Now, fold the flap on the right side of the paper down. Then, take the bottom right hand corner and fold it until it meets the line on the left flap, as shown in the picture. Fold the left hand flap over this triangle fold to make sure it fits. Then, unfold those folds.

Step 3: Making the Unit : Step 3

Rotate the paper 180 degrees and repeat step 2. Then, instead of unfolding, tuck the triangle fold made in the last step into the pocket formed by the right hand flap, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Making the Unit : Step 4

Now, fold the excess paper behind the unit as shown in the picture. Then, fold the unit in half as shown, and fold the flaps as shown in the picture.

Step 5: 3 Piece Ornament

For this ornament, you will need 3 units. As you can see, each unit has 2 triangular flaps, and 4 pockets. Take 2 units and tuck one flap into the pocket of another unit as shown. Then, add the 3rd unit and do the same as shown. Make sure that when the units are put together, that they are perpendicular, and do not make one long chain. Flip the unit over so it is a concave pyramid. Take a free flap and tuck it into the pocket of the immediate right unit as shown. Continue to do this until you have no exposed flaps.

Step 6: 6 Piece Ornament

Start off the same way you would a 3 piece ornament, but do not connect the flaps in the back. Add another unit to each flap, and tuck the flaps into the correct pockets like before. The pictures should explain. The finished product should be a cube.

Step 7: 12 Piece Ornament

This one is the trickiest. Start out the same way you would as a 3 and 6 piece ornament, but do not make a jewel or a cube. Add a unit to each flap and continue to do so as shown in the photos.

Step 8: Add Hook and Hang on Tree!

This should be pretty simple. Happy Holidays!

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