How to Make Owl Coin Bank



Introduction: How to Make Owl Coin Bank

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Today I am making a very elegant and modern owl bank which will be used as coin bank and decoration as well which will give your desk a modern and unique look.

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Step 1: Tools and Equipments


Drill machine

Scale cutter



T scale

Zip ties

Metal Glue


1 liter Plastic bottle

Golden paint Spray

Metal Net ( 7 inches by 12 inches )

Aluminum Sheet ( 2 feet by 2 feet )

2 x half inches screws

Step 2: Cutting the Bottle to Make the Base

From the cap side take dimension of 3 inches and cut the bottle from there ,cut the cap side from it's neck , roll the net and put it inside and cut the remaining net , tighten it with zip ties and the body is ready

Step 3: Making It Stand and Giving It Wings

I am using a small paint bucket which is dimension is 4 by 4 inches simply put the bucket over the sheet and mark the round and cut it through mark , put the body over it and mark the points where the zipties will grab the body from beneath it ,tighten it with 4 zipties so it it securd and can stand on it's own be sure to put all 4 zipties loose then tighten them at once at same time or it will be difficult to process it through, take another almunium sheet and draw a wing on it I am using my imagination to make it so I cannot give you the exact dimension it's aroud 3 inches by 4 inches , duplicate the wing by simple putting it over another sheet and cut them both at the same time,bend them from the inside to give it bevel look ,make two holes on there edges and tighten them on the net body in the center with the zipties.

the body can now stand on it's own and have wings.

Step 4: Making the Owl Face and Attaching It to the Head

Put the cap over the sheet and mark it then cut two of the pieces it will be the pupils of owl ,then simply make the eyebrow it 4 inches and 1.5 inches in dimension again I am using my imagination to draw , now the time for it's eyes make binoculars type of figure and cut it out the all of the face items will be stick on this binoculars eyes ,and lastly make a beak and gently bend it from under .

put the metal glue on the places over eyes and stick the eyebrow on top of the binoculars eyes and then rest of the items one by one but don't stick the pupils yet because we have to make the holes beneath them and tighten it over the bottle head.

let it dry and make a hole on the eyes spot and tighten it with screws then put the glue and stick the pupils over the screws ,the whole owl bank is ready.

Step 5: Painting and Finishing

Put the body and head over to the safe and ventilated place start to give them gentle thin coating after every 2 minutes ,the owl coin bank is ready simple put the coins from the top side where the neck was cut and you can see the coins rolling in it ,if you want to take out the coins simple take off it's head.

If you don't understand anything please watch the video.
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