How to Decorate Owl Cookies




Introduction: How to Decorate Owl Cookies

How to Decorate Owl Cookies


For the Cookies, you'll need:

Step 1: Royal Icing Recipe

I use this royal icing recipe for gingerbread houses too. The most important thing to know is that the consistency of the icing after you've made it, is important. You can thin a little to make it more fluid by adding water. For a video which shows how to do this click here.

Step 2: Food Gel Colors

For the food gel colorings, I chose brown, white, lime, grey and orange. You can chose use the same ones or create your own color palette.

Step 3: Decorating Instructions - the Base


Once you've made your cookies and they're ready to decorate:

The Base

Pipe the owl's body using a #2 tip. Let dry for a minimum of 6-12 hours. The icing basically acts as sealant for freshness, so it's okay to let the cookie dry uncovered at room temperature.

Step 4: The Eyes

The Eyes

Pipe the whites of the eyes and let them dry for a minimum of 6 hours.

Step 5: The Belly & Details

The Belly & Details

Using a #2 tip, pipe the belly and add the 'feathering details' right away. Pipe the pupils and wings. Let dry.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

Add the feet and beak using a #2 piping tip, and pipe the leaves using a #67 piping tip. Let dry for approximately 6 hours. 

Step 7: Momma Owl

Follow the same steps for the Momma Owl. Her body shape is just a little bit different.

Step 8: Package and Serve!

Now you're ready to package or serve!

You can find more detailed info. on decorating cookies in my Cookie Decorating Tutorial here. If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a line below and come join me on facebooktwitter, or youtube.

Have fun decorating!

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    Thanks for your feedback and thank you to #instructables for choosing the Owl Cookie Tutorial as one of the 3rd place winners for the Cookie Contest! Yay!

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    I LOVE THESE! SO CUTE! will be looking forward to making them...

    Adorable I love owls! These are so neat and tidy, I don't have that kind of skill when it comes to icing!

    Gorgeous! I saw these on your blog and am so happy to see them here. Welcome!

    These are incredibly adorable!!! And I agree, this is about decorating cookies, not making them, and I think directions on how to decorate are just as important as making cookies :)

    Wonderful job !

    Thank you for your feedback. Decorating cookies is a lot of fun, and does leave lots of room to be creative. I've added the main recipe -a royal icing pdf. My main focus is *decorating* the owl. I find recipes easy enough to follow, but the decorating more helpful to have visual instructions. Thanks again for the helpful feedback.

    You really should have shared the recipe too. It is after all supposed to be an instructable, and the recipe would seem to be the core of it. If posting links to parts of the instructions - that could easilly be put here - then its not really complete (irregardless of it being to get more visitors to your blog or not)

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    Just to be fair, despite the above complaint they do look very neat - and leaves a lot of room for young kids (or us old kids) to be creative on