How to Make Panini Without a Press

If you want to make classic panini but don’t want to invest in a single function sandwich press, fear not—pressing panini is quick and easy with common cookware found in any kitchen.
1. Grease a heated stovetop skillet with oil, butter or cooking spray and place the assembled sandwich in the center.
2. Lay another pan, plate or lid on top of the sandwich. Weigh the press down with a heavy can or a full tea kettle—or just push down on the surface as the sandwich cooks.
3. Be sure to remove the weights to flip the sandwich and press the other side for evenly distributed heat.
4. Cook until crispy and golden brown, then serve hot!

--Other options include using an outdoor grill for panini with traditional grill lines and smoky flavors or a wide-slot toaster (turned on its side!)

Looking for a tasty panini recipe? Pictured is our Chicken Panini with Light Havarti.

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