How to Make Paper Plane Dart




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Hi friends, I demonstrate how to make paper plane dart that flies really fast in this instructable. Hope you'll enjoy and have fun.

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Step 1: What You Need?

You just need

  • Single A4 sheet
  • Plastic Ruler

Step 2:

Take A4 sheet and fold it half and cut it using plastic ruler, Do it again to make four equal sized paper parts.

Step 3: Make a Cone From the Paper

Take one corner of the paper and roll it to make cone

Step 4: Let's Flatten the Cone

Flatten the paper cone by hand

Step 5:

Now fold the flatten cone in half

Step 6: Let's Shoot Our Plane

Hold the plane using two index fingers of both hands and launch it

Step 7:

You can practice and shoot the plane really fast and use as a dart and have fun with friends.

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    Yep, spread the love! comment something on someone elses intructable, see if we can get a chain going or something cuz I know I love it when people comment on mine : D


    1 year ago

    Cool! I've never seen a little paper dart like this, let alone the clever technique used to shoot it. Thanks!

    1 reply

    1 year ago

    I used to use these kind of darts as blowdarts in an electricity pipe. Works amazing.

    1 reply