How to Make Paper Plane 'flying Banana'

About: I love to make paper planes instructables!i am a normal Indian kid.i make instructables for helping others and time pass.

Hello,it's me again.this is my third I will teach how to make a unusual plane name flying banana.i call it flying banana because it's shape looks like a banana to let's get started.

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Step 1: Banana Is Growing

First,take a sheet of paper.

Step 2: Banana Is Growing

Fold the left side over and even with the right side

Step 3: Banana Is Going Green


Step 4: Banana Is Going Green

Fold the top left corner to the centre crease.

Step 5: Big Banana

Repeat with the top right corner

Step 6: Big Banana

Fold the left side to the right side.

Step 7: Big Banana

Fold the right edge over to and even with the right side.

Step 8: Yellow Banana

Flip over.

Step 9: Time to Take Out the Banana

Fold the left side to the right side as shown.

Step 10: I Want to Eat That Banana!

Pop out the wings to get your flying banana!if you want that your plane must have a landing gear,attach a clip.the plane will not fly then.isn't it funny?tell me everything in the comment box.

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