How to Make Paper Pumpkin



You can make paper pumpkin for Halloween in few mints. It’s very easy to make and completed in low cast. To make paper pumpkin you will need following Material:-

1. Computer Paper

2. Binding Wire (Iron Wire)

3. Glue

4. Color Marker

5. Tape

6. Scissors.

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Step 1: Basic

Cut out stripes from 2x A4 size computer paper (Orange color). You will need 22-25 stripes to make it. Make holes both side of stripes. You can make these holes with the help of punch machine.

Step 2: Structure

Take a piece of binding wire (Iron wire) and pass it in the holes of stripes and knot it. Open the strips and make a ball shape. Make stem with iron wire and scroll tape on the iron wire. And later cover with computer paper.

Step 3: Final

Draw the pumpkin leaves on the computer paper and color the leaves. Cut these leaves and paste it on the paper pumpkin.

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